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The Voith Maxima locomotives are a new family of diesel-hydraulic locomotives built by Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik GmbH & Co. KG. (short: Voith Turbo). According to Voith, the Maxima 40CC is the most powerful single-engined diesel-hydraulic locomotive in the world, rated at 3,600 kW. In 2007 the locomotive series was awarded the Red Dot Design Award.
Power type (Typ pohonu)Diesel
Builder (Výrobce)LEGIOS (Czech republic) a Voith Turbo (DE)
UIC classification (Klasifikace UIC)(C')(C')
Gauge (Rozchod)1,435 mm
Length (Délka lokomotivy)23.20 m
Locomotive weight (Hmotnost lokomotivy)126 - 135 t
Fuel type (Typ paliva)Diesel
Fuel capacity (Objem nádrže)9,000 l (Maxima 40CC), 10,000 l (Maxima 30CC)
Engine type (Typ motoru)ABC 16VDZC (Maxima 40CC), ABC 12VDZC (Maxima 30CC)
Transmission (Převodovka)Voith LS 640 reU2 ("Turbosplit")
Top speed (Nejvyšší rychlost)120 km/h (160 km/h as option)
Power output (Výkon)3,600 kW (Maxima 40CC), 2,750 kW (Maxima 30CC)
Tractive effort (Tažná síla)519 kN (starting), 409 kN (continuous)
Locomotive brakes (Brzdy)Electro-pneumatic and Hydro-dynamic
Safety systems (Bezpečnostní systémy)PZB, ATB, TBL and others

The locomotive's body consists entirely of steel. Both cabins have two seats (one for the train driver and one for a relief driver or supervisor) and have a standardised and ergonomical control desk. The cabins also have air conditioning and are equipped with all modern needs of today's operating conditions.[6]
Powered by either an 16VDZC or 12VDZC engine by Belgian engine manufacturer Anglo-Belgian Corporation, rated at respectively 3,600 kW or 2,750 kW, the locomotive can reach a top speed of 120 km/h (160 km/h optionally) and has a maximal tractive effort of 519 kN. The normal tractive effort is 408 kN. The LS 640 reU2 "Turbosplit" transmission allows for a separated traction and wheelslip control of each bogie. This is the first locomotive series equipped with this new technology. Brake equipment consists of electro-pneumatic and engine compression brakes. The smallest drivable curve radius is 80m. The locomotive can take up to 9,000 or 10,000 l of fuel, depending on the configuration.

Variants of VOITH MAXIMA

Voith offers 2 variants of this locomotive: the most powerful version is the Maxima 40CC with 3,600 kW power, intended for freight operators with heavy trains of up to 3,000 tonnes. A less powerful version is the Maxima 30CC with 2,750 kW power, primarily intended for freight operators with trains of up to 2,500 tonnes or passenger operators.


In january 2010, Czech company Lostr (in september 2010 renamed to Legios) signed License Agreement for manufacturing Voith Maxima locomotives. First locomotives should be built in 2011 named as Legios General.


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